JustGunBag® meets Ariana Grande

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JustGunBag® meets Ariana Grande

June 12 was the big day! That is the day that shines in my calendar for months. It is the day that I'll go meet  Ariana Grande along with my daughter and last but not least also will give Ariana the XL Clutch Grenade by JustGunBag®.

We leave around 14:00 hours in the direction of Antwerp. Antwerp is known as a fashion city and the shoppingsbag we have at the end of the day shows that we really know what kind of a a great fashion city it is. First we have the Friday night concert to which we will meet Ariana Grande. Ariana is known to be very sweet and that I can now also agree. She is cuddling my daughter Senna and she shows her interest in her. Senna is perplexed and you see my daughter thinking .... Were I just hugged by THE Ariana Grande?
Hahaha the expression on my daughter's face is priceless to see. She exudes all the way. I Tell Ariana about JustGunbag® and that this label distinguishes itself in the market by its mission. The bags are in addition to a modeaccesory  also a statement. It says something about the person wearing it versus our society. Although with a big wink but that is precisely the intention. Cherish the rebel in you and believe in yourself!
Ariana thought it was so sweet and thanked me for the XL Clutch Grenade from JustGunBag®
Maybe she will be spotted soon with a JustGunbag®. How awesome is that?
The concert was breathtakingly good. This woman is a SUPERSTAR.l We had a VIP pass so we stood during the concert only a few metres away from her. I just Love Ariana Grande..

The next day after an delicious sleep and  after providing an excellent breakfast @ Lindner(excellent and beautiful sleek design hotel) we left direction Center on the bike that you could rent at the main train Station:). After a whole day of shopping we ended up in the trendy place called Horta where we had an very nice late lunch.

Antwerp And Ariana Thank you very much! It was great!

love,  JustG


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