JGB Care- Leather info

Like all natural materials,leather should be well maintained. To keep your JGB products as beautiful as possible, we have the following information for you and guidelines:


To clean the leather and protection, we recommend not to use chemicals or products, which creams and oils may contain. We also recommend to avoid abrasive cloths and cleaners. Should your product get wet, use a dry cloth and light and allow it to dry naturally. Protect from heat and moisture, which can cause the product to distort. The product should never be exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods since UV rays can cause the material to fade. The teachings of all our products is tanned naturally. In this way, the material is susceptible to scratching. This is not an error, but ensures that the product over time is unique and is really yours. Please note that in the beginning it well, especially with light-colored clothes, because the oils can deliver on the leather.



Have you just bought a new JGB? It is now important to take good care of it, so you've had a long time and lots of fun. We recommend to handle the product a few times with a working grooming spray. Collonil Nanopro, an innovative high tech spray, developed through nanotechnology, is our favorite. The spray is particularly suitable for nubuck, suede and leather. To ensure the good condition of your accessories we recommend to use spray once a month. In this way, the product dirt resistant. Water and You can even remove stubborn dirt with it. Be the Collonil products in various shoe stores and online at buy.


JGB Keep products away from things that can cause stains (such as oils, liquids and dirt in general). Precaution is better than aftercare.
Patent leather may, if the touch each other, to create electric fields, and can thereby change the color of the product. It is important that patent leather never be held against each other, in order to prevent discoloration.


Stain removal

To effectively remove stains, we recommend Collonil Classic - clean & care for. The caring foam is particularly effective for nubuck. Collonil in various shoe stores and online at obtain.



You can best if the product is not in use, store your JGB in the dustbag for protection.



All JGB products have a warranty period of 6 months after purchase